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Choosing An Attorney

Mattie Taylor

Choosing an attorney for your injury case can be a life outcome determinative decision. Lack of knowledge, timely action and familiarity with the courtroom can drive the value of your case down.

Here are some questions you should ask:

1. When is the last time you were in court?

2. How many jury verdicts do you have?

3. How many jury trials have you conducted?

4. What is your fee?

5. Do you have the resources needed to pursue all avenues of my case?

6. What is your reputation among your peers?

7. Are you going to pressure me to settle my case because you don’t want to go to court?

8. Have you handled the same kind of cases before?

9. Have you ever been disciplined by the Arkansas Committee on Professional Conduct?

10. Are you going to pass my case off to a less experienced attorney in your office?


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Professional Responsibility

At Hall Taylor Law, we consider our professional responsibility to you, as our client, to be our highest priority. We take an oath to provide you the highest quality legal representation.

At the same time, we believe we have a personal and moral responsibility as well.

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What You Need To Do NOW

1. If you don’t hire us, hire a qualified attorney to represent your interests.

2. Concentrate on getting well from your injuries. Let us worry about your case.

3. Take good notes about the people you remember at the scene, statements that you overheard and who provided you medical treatment.

4. Take photos or your injuries as and when they heal

5. Do not speak to well wishing insurance adjustors who call. They will use anything you say against you if it is in their best interest.

6. Do not post comments and photos on any social media about your case.

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8. Preserve any and all evidence...such as the clothes and shoes you were wearing when you were hurt, medical bills, letters from insurance companies, photographs, texts and emails. When in doubt, save it.